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bylaurel, January 24, 2014
The app installs & is intuitive and easy to run. However, I can't find an option to not include images in the xml map... Cannot register for support b/c their captcha is down. So while I love this extension I am not sure I can use it unless I can figure out how to tell it not to map images.....
bylaurel, October 18, 2013
I tried a couple of other tab extensions, with strange results. This was quick, easy, and awesome results. Thanks for the great work & public service.
bylaurel, April 22, 2013
This volunteer project requires registration. Please read the registration rules that they use to determine if you are authentic. I believe if you tell them enough to determine that, there is no problem.

As someone said, everything is in German. IDK about that person, but my browser automatically translates for me. Personally, I am happy to get a tiny taste of the experience 90% of web users have, which is reading strangely translated text from the Internet. It certainly does me no harm.

At any rate, presuming you can find a way around the language barrier (in my case, with automatic tools), their forum is well organized. Their bot installs without a hitch. I haven't yet received my access info (this is the patience issue, I just started this a few minutes ago and wouldn't be surprised if it takes a whole day to get that-- they are volunteers, with jobs, etc.) but I am pretty sure that it will be smooth sailing. This is clear from the quality of their work that I have seen so far.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your kind review.

bylaurel, August 14, 2012
TCVN Auto Login
Just what I needed to login immediately and redirect to another page. Thanks.
bylaurel, August 14, 2012
Login Register
This ext is as quick, easy, and elegant as all the reviews say. Unfortunately I have some extended User fields set up in User Configuration (address, phone), and this ext does not seem to see that. So I can't use it.
bylaurel, February 21, 2012
CB For Buddies Only Tabs & Fields
Took five minutes to set up. (Forgot to turn on the plugin. Forgot to read the simple instructions. Forgot to go to bed at a decent hour.) This is a CB plugin from the CB plugin manager.

I am deeply deeply grateful for this plugin. We have a support site for people with prostate cancer. Therefore, having this option ensures that only the people they choose (their Buddies) get their personal information. It's nice.

Not detracting one bit from the 5-star rating, it would be nice to have this sort of option for the user to decide specifically which fields they want public (well, for registered users only is our default), and which can go with the site default. But that is another topic for another day!
Owner's reply

Thenks, it's really nice and motivating to hear that.

A tip: right what you search can be fout at Joomlapolis'. I'n not 100% sure about the name of he plugin, where useres can set fields and tabs themselves, but i think it's the one called "CB Privacy" ( check here: ):


bylaurel, February 12, 2012
Kunena Latest
Sweet. Fast. Works great, lots of options. To the reviewer who posted it is not available, that link has kunena download at the top then a long list of extensions to dowload below it, on the same page.
bylaurel, November 15, 2011
Images Crawler
This is a beautiful, powerful, simple scroller, and I am very very grateful to the devloper!
Edocs - Embed Documents
Well, there's not much to say about this extension. Install it, use it. Nice display of docs on your website. Easy easy easy.
bylaurel, January 22, 2009
Ajax Stock
First of all, this is not a free extension. The price is reasonable ($15), but I've had terrible luck buying extensions. I would prefer to try it first then pay to get ads off or something.

But, okay, I really want an extension that does this for J1.5, so I signed up, logged in, and tried to buy/download. Could not find anywhere how to purchase this. A search for "purchase" did not give any helpful results. Same for "how to buy."

The support forum is LOCKED. No way to ask a question. Eventually, I found the exact right click-path to buy the item. Then, when purchased, they don't have my payment and so I STILL cannot download it.

Later, I received an email with the file attached. Installed, enabled, saved. Checked my site:
"You don't have permission to access /modules/mod_ajaxstock/mod_ajaxstock1.php on this server."
Remember, you cannot post to their support forum. A site search for "locked" had one result, not related to my error. A forum search had many results-the fact that each topic is locked is well displayed. I chmodded the files to 755 and cleared the cache, to no effect. (Oddly, the folder was 755 but not that file.)

At the moment, I have the module disabled.
Owner's reply

Sorry about your experience. You firs contact me via email on Jan 22 and leave a review on Jan 23. Please have mercy.

Also, for all joomla users out there, let me make it clear:

1. Support Forum is locked against porn SPAMs.

2. I provide timely support by EMAIL.

3. Once paid and Paypal notifies us by IPN, we automatically sent the program to your paypal email account. If you don't get it in time, please check with paypal to make sure the payment cleared and check your spam filter as well.

bylaurel, September 3, 2007
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XCloner-Backup and Restore
awkward and doesn't work well. finally did get it working several months and upgrades after i first bought it. too bad it doesn't meet the simplicity and quality standards of the free component, JoomlaPack.
bylaurel, August 29, 2007
between this and chronoforms, all is well on the Joomla! front (er, *back*... end) =)

be sure and download the most recent version (RC1 at the moment, I think)--the versions are not in order at the sourceforge page.
bylaurel, July 21, 2007
Akeeba Backup
I never thought there would be a better extension than chronoforms, but I was wrong. Thank you for this great great extension. The pros are: it works, easily, effortlessly. It is professional. It is easy to migrate a site using this. It is also easy to backup. The cons are: none that I know of.
bylaurel, January 14, 2007
Instant installation, lots of options, well explained. Able to define custom CSS, thank you thank you thank you.
bylaurel, December 21, 2006
I have created some pretty complex forms, very quickly. There's not much to say, it does the job perfectly, the help/info things are clear. A great tool. I've only used the HTML part, but now I'm thinking I can use the other options to put the data into the database as well as email the forms. The developer's site has a forum on it. Pretty cool all around.