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bylazerhawk, March 31, 2012
This extension is great! Thank you!. I really love how easily you can edit what is in the sitemap. That way you can exclude items. All and all this has really saved me time and helped make sure my google sitemap is always up to day.

Highly recommended. (I have it on three sites).
bylazerhawk, September 18, 2011
I am a new user to Joomla with very limited experience with coding. After googling to the process to change the templating for outbound emails I found it to be a very cumbersome process. This module was quick and easy to use allowing me to customize the emails that my clients recieve. Operating a photography business image is everything. The extension allows you to customize most of the automated emails that Joomla sends out with ease. The only drawback that is not mentioned in any of the details on the module page is that any images input using the included WYSIWYG editor must be based on an absolute link not a relative link. This is not a big deal but it would be very helpful if this was noted on the module page for future releases.

Thank you Sankuru for an awesome extension