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bylcdude, December 5, 2012
Ninja RSS Syndicator
I used this extentsion in 1.5 and now in 2.5.8 good then good now. You don't really expect great from free exetentsions. But, with Ninja thats not a problem. I posted a request and a question on there forum. I had a response and an answer in less than 5 hours, OMG, I could not believe my eyes. Wow! All this and were polite to. Easy install works great, oprions and additions from the author. I could not ask for me...and it's a FREE extentsion!

No hastle, No copout, Faq's, Thank You!
What a concept...If only the others...
bylcdude, August 13, 2012
I have used this component for a long time since 1.5 and now 2.5. I have never really had a problem as it works so well!
My admin upgrade said new version upgrade. So I did and the upgrade failed with errors. Posted for support and got super fast reply! Followed instructions and all is well. Imagine all this and support too...
What makes this so great the author is always making it better! We use it for images and downloads. The users love it as its easy to use and understand.
bylcdude, July 8, 2012
I have used and tested many sliders over the last couple of years. I have 6 years Joomla time and operate a number of sites. This one installed and worked right away no problems. I found on my last visit here I had an older version. Upraded to new version right away. To my suprise it's even better! This author works hard a making a good extentsion. It has lots of options and configs to load as a module. It appears to work faster than the others. When a user clicks the image it loads right now. But the gold here is it supports links also. We are woodworkers not computer people so we can really use a well done well working program. We use it as a Left col module as well as a full page insert. This worth the time to get and install. I love this slider...
bylcdude, April 11, 2007
Easy install and is already configured. Works great looks nice. I have a couple minor issues with 508 and the dropcaps but this is to be expected since there is a default font size. If your looking for some nice addtions to you content in a web 2.0 style this is a nice extentsion.

Worth the effort to give info and get users attention.