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bylcphotostudio, April 16, 2009
i downloaded JDownloads and was uploading filed on my site in 5 minutes, this is a very customizable and awesome program. It is a must if you will be providing users with downloadable files!
bylcphotostudio, April 29, 2008
JCK Editor
a very nice editor. Definatly try this one. top of my list
bylcphotostudio, April 22, 2008
Core Design Magic Tabs
this is exactly what i needed to display a few items in a fancy way.
it is very easy to use and very customizable. i will use this now for all areas i want to have tabs. the mabot aspect makes it very handy. I am so pleased with this tool. thier site has alot of other usefull tools as well.

well done!
bylcphotostudio, April 2, 2008
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So easy. I've looked at others and this one was the best. Install, click and a great sitemap.
bylcphotostudio, June 8, 2007
This is an excellent form maker! I just needed a simple form for a client and this went so nicely. I just made the form in dreamweaver, imported it into chronoforms in my admin and voila!! it worked in no time. they have a video tutorial up now and that helped too. I would definatly use this before trying any others
bylcphotostudio, May 26, 2007
using this exstention is a breeze, i have tried othe download exstetions and was so frustrated. In a few click i had this working beautifully, i am kicking myself for not trying this first, but i am glad i am using this now. Before you try any others, use this one? Just upload your files and there is an easy way to enter the information and click and link and you are off. I am very satisfied and releived.