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byleandrosalvador, December 24, 2009
It's a very well done extension, which does what it try to do. It simplifies the life of Joomla article's publishers in that cases where the article would be better if referred to a file (attachment).
byleandrosalvador, August 28, 2009
DPCalendar Lite
If you would like to improve your Joomla site with a very well done Calendar extension, based in what nowadays there is of better in web Calendar solution (the Google Calendar), so GCalendar does the job easily e charmful. There are basically two view modes: the "GCalendar" and the "Google [Calendar]"; they are vere similar, but the second one is even better than the first. Enjoy it!
byleandrosalvador, August 28, 2009
It's a very smart extension. With just some time (maybe some hours) investing in to understand the principles of how Fabrik works, is possible to develop very good applications (form based, in my case), updating directly a database table exportable to CSV files... in resume: a good choice for those who needs complex forms in Joomla.
byleandrosalvador, February 4, 2008
AJAX Shoutbox
This is an excellent module! But it has a little bug, easily fixed. Just follow these instrucitons to do it...

For the problem showing text in the wrong (UTF-8) character set, you can make some changes in the file /modules/mod_shoutbox.php.

Search for "function jal_addData(" and after " $jal_user_text = substr($jal_user_text,0,500);
" add this:

$jal_user_text = mb_convert_encoding($jal_user_text, "ISO-8859-1", "UTF-8");

if your encoding is ISO-8859-1 or change it according to yours.