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bylearnthrusong, May 17, 2012
Music Collection
I started using Music Collection a little over 2 years ago as a complete noob to Joomla and in fact, HTML, PHP, MySQL & Javascript.

Speaking as a beginner, it was dead simple to install and get up and running with no issues! This has been largely due to good documentation & well developed software with an intuitive and logical user/admin interface. Unfortunately, this could not be said about all of the extensions I use on my site.

The only time I've ever really needed help to do anything inside MC, has been a matter of customising it as opposed to having any issues. On that note, the MC forums are incredibly active with lots of user input as well as awesome help from Germi (Mr. Music Collection) whenever required. Furthermore, Germi has always gone the extra mile to help with queries relating to customising the component/modules to suit my needs - despite this being outside of the scope of traditional support!!!

Over the course of the last 2 years I've become quite proficient in Joomla, custom coding and alike which can be attributed to the unparalleled level of support!

Joomla Music Collection is QUITE SIMPLY the ONLY media manager you'll ever need to manage music and video inside your Joomla community - however large or small!

Best of all, you don't need to break the bank to get it!

To sum up, MC is;
Robust, Well-developed, Well-supported, Highly-customisable & EASY TO USE!!!

Want to serve music & video in your site? Look no further than Music Collection!
bylearnthrusong, February 26, 2012
This extension quite simply rocks! If you want to hook your site(s) into the very sociable Opengraph to gain rich and meaningful social interaction and promotion from your site users, using the largest and most powerful social platform, facebook then this is a MUST-HAVE extension to joomla!

Heavily customisable for any administrator of a joomla site and even more powerful for developers who want to offer their clients a more complete social media/interaction based site to gain more insight into their users/clients.

SIMPLY PUT THIS IS AWESOME! Support has been great - knowledgeable and timely whether plugging the gap in my facebook knowledge or helping me to further customise/integrate it into 3rd party components.

Definitely a must if you don't want to have to keep up with the fast pace that facebook is developing its API and at such reasonable price, it's money very well spent indeed!
bylearnthrusong, March 9, 2011
RSform Pro
A thorough, comprehensive piece of software for creating dynamic, interactive and professional forms. Suited to every kind of user from beginners who don't even understand how forms work (like me when I started using it) to intermediate and advanced users who want to deploy forms fast. You can create any kind of form you want with this from a simple contact form to a shopping cart and even multi-directional questionnaires - i.e. if user selects option 1, take them to Q4, or if they select option 2 take them to 7b. INCREDIBLE!!!

Since starting to use the component over a few months, I have gone from not knowing anything about forms and how they work to working with some powerful javascript, php and html to create intuitive, dynamic and user friendly forms with assistance from fantastic hints, tips and tricks shared in the user forum at RS Joomla. Thanks to the developers for this powerful extension, Gez