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I'm a web developer with a few years under my belt. I can do php scripts all day long. But when I started using joomla many of my scripts didn't really fit in anywhere. And I was dreading the idea of learning 'yet another PHP based API' just to add some of my ideas to the sites. Before diving in I looked into php code embedding extensions and found a few. Tried a few. Sourcerer saved me a huge headache. Now I'm doing some crazy things with my sites now and all without knowing even a lick about joomla extension development.

I'm using joomla 1.7.3+ All I have to do is copy my script to the clipboard, start a new element (article,etc), click 'insert code', paste my code between the {source} tags, click 'toggle tag style', then insert & save the element. Its, honest to god, that easy. I recommend all php coders to try this once before diving into extension development.