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byleeburstroghm, May 17, 2014
Do not get this.. Not all the fields come over.. verification code is only 2 characters, validations are buggy.. the whole thing is buggy.

Synchronizing worked mostly, some fields were not grabbed.. the concept is nice, I wished it all worked.. The phone field would only allow integers, however no validations were set on the field in salesforce.. I received no help with my issues. only. "not supported" etc. You have been WARNED!
byleeburstroghm, April 16, 2010
Job Grok App
While I am very happy with every other aspect of jobGrok listing and application, The lacking in ease of use for retrieving the applications causes this to be almost un-usable. To be able to send the completed application form along with the notification would be great. To be able to download all the submitted applications or be able to print them all would be another benefit. Everything else is pretty good, but if you end up getting alot of applications, this part really sucks!