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byleemiller, November 16, 2010
Couldn't be happier with JBolo it is a great extension! After a very long day of work I installed it effortlessly, had a couple of difficulties but this was largely to do with exhaustion (made silly errors), but after submitting a support request it was up and running. Perfect, looks great, can't fault this extension or TechJoomla's customer support, first rate in every way. Thanks, Lee
byleemiller, November 14, 2010
Admin Tools
What more can be said for Nicolas's amazing products, been using them for around four years, in previous guises etc and wouldn't be without them, indeed I include them as a pre-requisite in every site I design. Both Akeeba Backup and admin tools.

byleemiller, November 11, 2010
As with all Rockettheme extensions what can be said that hasn't been said before, awesome!
byleemiller, November 11, 2010
SocialAds for Joomla
Social Ad's is an awesome extension, honestly take no notice of the other guy's gripes I've had no problems that haven't been dealt with efficiently by TechJoomla support.

Installs effortlessly and although it required some modification to suit my template and custom profiles it was completely configured and working within a few hours.

Thanks a lot guys great extension, great support!!

:)) Lee
byleemiller, October 31, 2010
Phoca Gallery
Am rating it good only because it is obviously a good extension and I can see the developers have put a lot of hard work into it and I don't want to take that away from them.

I was however very dissatisfied with it as I couldn't get the rating system to work and the posts within the Phoca forums didn't address this issue where it was raised by previous users. Indeed I applied the advice given i.e setting image rating both in global settings and via the menu item, neither of which worked.

Good component, looks good and serves a good purpose just wasn't good enough for what I needed.
byleemiller, June 21, 2009
Brilliant component that combines all of the essential elements that all good components must have for me to give an Excellent score!!

Very simple to use although there are video tutorials just in case you get stuck. Great forum and from a cost perspective it can't be beaten, cost me just £4 something.

Fantastic alround component with many other features, addons include modules and plugins to make it just that little bit special.

Congratulations to the developer.

byleemiller, May 12, 2009
I believe this is the first component I've rated excellent and it is worthy of this grading. Simple to install and offers a progressive yet slow learning curve. Brilliant component, many thanks to the developer.
byleemiller, December 13, 2008
Having tried all of the other components in this class I have to say that this one is far superior in both functionality and looks!