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byleighketchum, May 26, 2013
VM Mass Update
If you've ever had to change details and prices in a Virtuemart Store, you'll appreciate this extension! If you've got a Virtuemart store, you'll want this extension;
This extension is saving me countless hours of tedious labor. It makes updating my store (over 4000 items).
I have been wanting an extension like this since my first Virtuemart web store. The extension far exceeds my expectations and performs flawlessly right out of the box.
Support is fast and effective. many thanks to the developer for creating this awesome product.
byleighketchum, July 27, 2012
DM Easy Quote
The DM Easy Quote component shows real promise of becoming a fantastic Joomla extension. DM Joomla Extensions states they are working on incorporating more advanced features as well as better documentation for the next release.

Honestly, I didn't need any instructions.

There are a few very minor kinks to work out and the features in the next release will really make this thing shine. By minor I mean things like adding the $ or € currency symbols to the prices.
The component installs easily and runs smoothly. It seems to be well-coded and stable. If you need this kind of extension on your site, there is no reason why you can't install and use this one right away - it works exactly as described on the DM Joomla website.

There needs to be something added to manage submissions. When entering data (answers to the questions) there is a lot of scrolling; it would be nice if those answer forms would collapse.

I wouldn't worry about adding styling to this. If a user needs to make any changes, they only have to edit the single CSS file - that's pretty remedial stuff and I'd rather have the developers working on more advanced features; I can make most of us can make it pretty ourselves.

I only know of one or two other components that can be used to generate price quotes - for me, they all fell short of the mark and left me disappointed.

I look forward to the next release.
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart
Hands Down! The best, most useful extension I've ever used. Cherry Picker let me set up my Virteumart site with a search like or New Egg. The author delivers on his promises.
The extension, when used with FastSeller component is even more impressive. I set up a 3,000 item store in a fraction of the time I would have if I hadn't had these components.
Tech support is fast and free.
Don't tell the guys , but I would have paid twice as much for these components!
byleighketchum, April 21, 2012
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DPCalendar Lite
I've always loved this extension and have used it on a few Joomla 1.5 sites. Now with 2.5 I had expected some improvements in this extension. It seems impossible to display an accurate time in 12 hour format. This is a deal-breaker for me and I'm afraid I'll have to look for something else. Too bad, this one has real promise as being a standard in many sites. But showing the proper time is a critical element.
Owner's reply

Sorry to say but it is not an issue. Since version 2.7.0 the 12 hours am/pm time format is the default one and believe me it works on thousands of GCalendar installations :-)
I hope you will reconsider your review.

byleighketchum, January 24, 2012
JomLand Ticket Center
It's uncomplicated and easy to set up. Everything is working great and I'm finally able to sell event tickets from my site.
Tech support is great and the response time is short.