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bylelias2k, December 23, 2009
The component is buggy, documentation is poor, and the structure is very counter intuitive. Some things that are changed from Eventlist are actually a step back.
Maybe I'm just not very patient these days, but I can't spend hours and hours trying to fix a paid component that should work out of the box.
And if you visit their forums you will see that I'm not alone.
Maybe when the component mature a bit more I'll come back to check it again. Until then I'll continue my search for a decent calendar of events for Joomla...(Meaning, that in all fairness, they all suck. Look at Trumba and you'll see a good solution...)
Owner's reply

I would doubt you actually had redEVENT v2.x series running anywhere for long.

We got it running on educational portals with 100.000 students using it as a joint course registration system for 50 different educational institutions across the country.

Trust me - there is no bigger bugs or nothing like that - but yes it still is in beta as the version number 2.0b75 (currently) also clearly shows.

So there is absolutely no reason what so ever to fix anything - you need to set it up correctly and yes we have perhaps the event system that offers the absolutely most freedom and possibilities of any of the event systems for Joomla as ours contains a CCK style system where you can create dynamic fields for events og the indivual days on different venues where you have the events.

You can completely rebuild and alter almost every visible view in the frontend through the extensive tagging system - there is a built in textlibrary system to optimize the processes of putting in standard content - you can do completely invidualized sign up forms, or 4 different ways of signing up etc.

And lets finally make a point clear - you will never pay for redEVENT - you get complete access to redCOMPONENT when you sign up for a subscription giving you around 20 different extensions + addons for as little as 29 euro - which makes it absolutely affordable by everyone.

Some of the customer was have made sites for with redEVENT had gotten offers from closed source systems on more then 100.000 Euro to attain the same funcationality as redEVENT offers to all.

The only part of you review that could contain a little to it would be the documentation - as we just added in a massive new update some of the newest features still hasnt gone into the documentation, but then again with us having released more then 50 new updates over the last year things are moving quite quickly and we'd rather spend time brining quality features quicker then updating the documentation constantly.

Ps. redEVENT is not a calendar system - its a complete event handling cck powered dynamic system that just happens to contain calendar views and modules as well.