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bylemurid, December 28, 2009
I've tried several versions all brought me to a complete site restoration from backup. Everytime u file an issue on their "Support board" You get an automated answer "We'll fix it in next release". Like that has ever been done...
Owner's reply

Ehm, an automated answer? I really do not think so, how did you get this idea?

And that it is buggy? I cannot claim it is 100% bugless, no software is. We are still improving it. However I am not aware of any serious bugs. Maybe it was just configuration problem?

Anyway, saying something is buggy without saying how/why or giving any other argumentation is meaningless as equals just throwing a dirt on somebody. For sure that does not help other users to maky any relevant opinion neither it helps us to possibly improve something.

We appreciate any feedback, both negative and possitive as it helps us make the product better, but I have to note that feedback as yours is completely useless.