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byleolam, October 13, 2009
Having used in the Joomla 1.0-times FacileForms as default form generator in our projects and own sites it was obvious that we tried out Breezingforms for Joomla 1.5 when it was released shortly after J 1.5 was delieverd to the community. We were though very disappointed since a lot of problems were present and bugs were not solved quickly etc. So we moved on to RSForms-Pro which we used for a certain amount of time with mixed feelings for instance the lack of multi-page functionality and non stable captcha at that time and the lack of actual available scripts to use in forms. Moving to bfForms (J1.5 successor of PaF) also did not bring what we expected/needed (missing multi-page and no content plugin) nor did Chronoforms for several reasons.
When Markus Bopp released Breezingforms 1.6 he contacted us, knowing we were not satisfied with the earlier releases so we downloaded and extensively tested BF 1.6 and were very happy that in combination with Jollom we had again our fabulous Form Generator back with even more functionality with user submitted forms and many more. Now BF 1.6.5 has been released (Trinity), despite being commercial, we are even more happy since the Team of Breezingforms surprised us with the fabulous 3-mode option (Quick/Easy/Conventional aka FacileForms) as well as Theme/Template options in the Suite. With little knowledge of CSS one is now able to create multi-page forms with any Theme of you liking. With the Quickmode function where you can make in minutes a full functional form without having knowledge of PHP and/or Javascript.
Breezingforms comes with an extensive library of Scripts and Pieces: PHP code is called a Piece, and Javascript code is called a Script. These predefined code sniplets help you very rapidly with validation, initiating submit and reset, email etc, etc. Very powerful!
What is also very helpful is the fact that it is distributed with a bundle of form-examples which makes it easy for one to understand the mechanism of BF and the scripting behind it in the engine.
Of course an excellent working Captcha is present and if wanted extra protection with Jollom (Mollom) can be added. Suite comes also with a module and a content plugin to load the forms in content articles.
Some video-tutorials are present but the product lacks indefinitely adequate documentation. That needs improvement, especially for end-users. Therefore 4 stars instead of 5. All in all an excellent and reliable product with perfect support!
byleolam, February 15, 2007
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CB Captcha
Better late than never but we have a captcha option on the registration. It works both in Joomla 1.0.11 and 1.0.12 very well with 1.0.2. Note it does not work with earlier versions of CB but that is logical and no objection. Any person should update anyhow to 1.0.2.

pro: works in register & password & email
con: no refresh button/ no disability (announced next release)

still missing: Captcha on login module

with refresh and module captcha i would rate good. Add than disability you get excellent.

one hurdle taken though!

Owner's reply

Captcha on login module?
I think this would be an overkill and not user friendly. Even without the refresh feature (which would require AJAX and thus be unfriendly for accessibility) if you fail to get the security code the first time, then the application form is presented again with a new code and all (but the password) fields are kept intact.