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byleolll, June 5, 2010
JCH Optimize
I was relying on YooTheme's built-in gzip compression but decided to give JCH Optimize a try. Well the results are very impressive. It dropped my average load time from 1.8 seconds to 0.5

So impressed, I just donated to the project.
Owner's reply

Thank you. Much appreciated.

byleolll, August 28, 2009
This needs to be added to the Joomla core. Under menu assignment there should be an extra option "Custom" with MetaMod capabilities.

Thanks Stephen Brandon for your great contribution to the Joomla community!
byleolll, August 27, 2009
It's amazing that NoNumber! can offer so many professional quality components for free. He's an amazing developer.

ReReplacer Benefits:
- Very intuitive interface. I didn't spend any time reading manuals
- Runs perfectly. No time spent debugging goofy PHP errors
- Best support I've ever had (including commercial extensions). I had a feature suggestion and NoNumber! included it in the product the next day!

NoNumber! is a major contributor to Joomla. I highly recommend his extensions.
Owner's reply

Thanks for posting your feature request via my forum. I am glad you find it all intuitive. Creating a manual is somewhere on my todo list, but haven't got the time. You just gave me an excuse to push it further down the list ;)