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bylesliez, November 21, 2011
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ARTIO Booking
You will be aware that this developer keep mentioning that this booking component is very flexible and can meet any booking requirement... Actually IT IS NOT! NOT AT ALL... IT CAN EVEN MEET A VERY BASIC REQUIREMENT...

Why? I'll explain here:

1. You can't allow booking for more than 1 item/quantity. For example, you are in Car Rental business and you have 5 of the same model for rent and your customer would like to book 2 of them, they cant book 2 in a single. They have to make 2 booking separately. Does this make any sense?

If you're in hotel/hostel business, you have 5 Deluxe room and 5 Family room. Your customers would like to make a booking of 2 Deluxe room and 1 Family room for a family holiday trip. They can't, they cannot make the booking of 2 room type in a single booking. Does this make sense?

2. They don't collect all user data. For example: You're in Travel business and you would like to offer booking of travel package online. A customer would like to make a booking for his/her family and expect to submit all the family member details for the booking registration, they can't, means you as the business owner, can't collect customer's details, actually, they can't even set booking for X number of person. If their family member have 5 person would like to join this travel package, each of the family have to make each booking separately. Make any sense?

3. Event Booking, don't event think about it.

4. Customer Support, pre-sales questions, prompt reply. After sales support, sucks... They mentioned to post the order ID at the support forum before the support topic subject, so they can recognise paid customer and free version customer, fair enough. But after 1 day, I get no so-called priority support, no reply at all. Then I email them and ask why no reply, they replied me and said "Are you really mean it? Its just 1 day after you post the support question, your license support respond time is 2 days". See what I mean? They are free to reply my mail but don't bother to answer my support questions. Don't believe me? Just go into their support forum and see by yourself, see how much support questions is pending there with no reply.

My last email to them is asking for refund cause this component is useless. They IGNORE my mail.

CONCLUSION: Don't get near to this add-on. I burnt my money on this script. Its fine, I can afford that. But I just wish there will be no others will get their money burn.

For my money, I'll just take it as a donation to some begger on the street...
Owner's reply

I am not going to post our whole correspondence here, just to sum a few facts:
1. we have exchanged maybe 8 emails, we have honestly answered all your questions about functionality
2. you were reffered to try the free version and checkout the demo
3. there is manual and other infromation sources available

You were not happy that the component does not do all you want it to do. But we never claimed that.

And yes, you are right, currently, the component does not support multiple reservations. Each reservation must be done separatelly. This will be added in one of the next releases. It is not possible to develop a component matching 100% to everyone.
The point is, we have not claimed that, you had change to see this in demo and now you are complaining about this.