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bylewn5, August 4, 2011
Phoca Maps
If you only need a simple map with just a few markers, this is the extension for you. It's user friendly and straight forward.

But if you need to add a large amount of markers and have safety concerns regarding the zoom range of your map, forget about it.

Three months ago I left a message in their forum asking if it would be possible to limit the zoom range on my map and also if I could deactivate the streetview option. I never received any valid answer. Not even a word from their developers. Too bad.
Owner's reply

Hi, please try to paste your question in the forum again, I am the only one developer, I have answered over 20.000 posts in the forum (I think, there is no other developer in the Joomla! world than me who answered more questions), maybe I have overlook it (after my regular work, at night, I am usually answering over 120 posts, so it is possible to overlook some of them :-( )

Thank you, Jan