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bylex131, May 20, 2013
AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit
I didn't even buy it yet but the team installed everything (trial version) and I mean everything - all I had to do is create a menu pointing to the app and that's it. Chat rooms, video rooms, everything you could ever want. I asked for some weird modifications - i received full indications in 3 minutes, and everything is easy to customise. One of the modifications I asked for was a setting in the main Options window but nobody minded my ignorance, they politely answered me.
The support team is top-notch, very quick to answer ANYTHING no matter how stupid and the app is both simple and very complex. I'm using it for a webinar system and it's perfect.
Thank you for all your help and hopefully (actually surely) we'll have a great collaboration. Alex I.
Excellent plugin, easy but in the same time a lot of possible customizations.
I had an issue, it was fixed in half an hour - so support was super fast. And I didn't have to modify files to fix it, it has a css box where you can enter whatever pops into your head in the backend.

Keep up the good work and thank you so much!
bylex131, December 22, 2011
I stumbled upon Breezing Forms first as I was trying to get my company to move from endless Excel files to something online.

After I saw the demos of breezing + content builder, in one place you enter the forms and in another you view your records and also edit them I was hooked.

What i did with it:

I created a small ordering/reporting system. My sales people input orders using the forms. The production guys edit the forms and input the status of the orders. My billing people input the status of payments, delivery, etc.
Each group has different views of the same forum, enabling them to view only certain information and to edit only certain fields.

Here is my experience:

- First of all, I can't say anything about documentation because I never read it, I just dive in.
- Everytime I thought there was a bug, it was actually a bad setting somewhere. I couldn't find any bug so far.
- The component is very powerfull, you have a million options and you can configure anything you can think of, all you need is imagination.
- You can create multi-page forms or just simple one page forms.
- You can add scripts, validations, own php code, to each and every field or to the whole form.
- You can use "no template", just a long list of form fields, you can create a sample design, you can choose templates, or you can create your own template.
- You can also create your own template for the editable version of the records, in frontend. You simply move the fields around in your own tables, put colors, set fonts, whatever.

Support i've received:

I moved the website from production server to public server and there was a listing problem. I contacted a programmer I always use for this cases, he couldn't figure it out. Finally i wrote on the forum - belive me when i say, in 5 minutes i received a response from Markus - the creator. And after that i started talking to Markus on Skype where he gave me modified files to upload to my server.
Live support - the best i've seen.
Very polite, very fast, profesionall.

I asked Markus a non-suport question, about a way to make autocomplete fields based on other records in db and he asked me if I needed it urgently or if I can wait for the upcoming massive update on Community Builder :).

5/5 for this component!

Thanks Markus
bylex131, February 18, 2009
I've installed the extension it's simply great. It's very flexible. The fields are extremely easy to edit and there are also a lot of preset types for the fields.

The only issue that buggs me constantly is the Date field. I tried all sorts of versions of Joomla and still cannot get it to work - every time I try to open the calendar by clicking the calendar icon all the other fields are blanked out and the calendar fails to appear and there's no way to make it work.

If your purpose is to use adsmanager especially for the date component (I tried the RC1 version) then you're probably out of luck.
For the rest - the extension is great!