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The component works as promised, but it literally took me months to find out it was to blame for the ridiculous slowness of my site. My site gets more or less 6000 visitors a day, and has a kunena forum on it. Enabling sh404sef on all pages on the site caused page loads of over 10 seconds, sometimes even more than 20 seconds. I've lost quite a few visitors and even regular posters on the forum over the slowness of my site. Disabling sh404sef for the forum seems to have sped up the whole site. I'm now looking if disabling it for the whole site speeds the site further up. If necessary, I'll do it as I don't believe the SEO advantage of it as much as a lot of people.

I'm writing this, as it might "speed up" somebody else finding the cause of the slowness of his/her site.
Owner's reply

Sorry about all the time you lost on this. Dues to this very nature (storing url pairs in the database), sh404sef and all other sef extensions that use the same process do add some overhead to a web site, just like Joomla sef add some overhead to sites compared to having no sef at all. Forums are actually the worst extensions to work with because users creates posts all the time. With database-backed sef extensions, it is the creation of a url that takes time. When it is created, it is easy and fast to retrieve from the DB.
All that said, I'd like to point out :
- support for Kunena has only been added to sh404sef a couple of weeks ago, meaning you have been using either a 3rd-party Kunena plugin or even Joomla router.php files. This is really a worst case scenario for speed
- to put things in perspective, my own tests on Kunena shows that sh404sef add about 20% to 25% overhead over Joomla SEF. That is usually something that can be handled by hosting, but may require indeed additional resources in case such as yours, with failry heavy load.