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byli_gordon, June 3, 2013
Asikart QuickContent Generator
This is a great importer tool. Just be patient with it, and follow the detailed instructions to the 'T', it does work, and it works well!
byli_gordon, January 31, 2012
DT Register
I have been using DT Register for many years now, and I am very happy with the evolution.

some great features that I love:
1. The ability to customize fields to be conditional, this works very well, you can have a drop down list, and based on the selections have other fields appear to give even more selection options.
2. Add price amounts to fields, this is a great feature that i think only DT Register has, so for an event to easily change the price of the event this can be done with one of the custom fields.
3. Great support, any time I have had a problem I have submitted either a help ticket or a forum entry, and if a bug was found a new release was available within days fixing the bug.

We are currently using DT Register on our joomlacamp registration.

I have also used it on synagogue sites, camp fair registration sites and more...
byli_gordon, October 10, 2011
I have used aidanews module since the 1.5 version. I must say that since 1.5 it gave me the opportunity to show my articles in so many different ways. With the thumbnail 'teasers', and the control of how the images and the text can display it is great!

Now that they created a version that is compatible with 1.7 I am even more excited!

Thanks again to the team for creating a free product that really adds value to all of my websites, THANK YOU!
byli_gordon, July 12, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
I am using this contact manager for 1.6, it works great for my client. To make it more flexible I am using the module to display contacts in specific categories on specific pages within the site, which my client loves.

One more bonus, the support is EXCELLENT! I emailed a question to support and within minutes, I received a response, and it was correct.

Thanks again for a great extension!
byli_gordon, October 10, 2007
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Thanks for a great intuitive product to go along with Community Builder. It does exactly what it says, provides an easy interface that you can use to import or export users from community builder.
thanks for your hard work!