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byliam.hanks, February 14, 2012
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-Works well
-Free! (for basic functionality, otherwise pretty inexpensive to purchase for full functionality)
-Exactly what you expect Tags in articles to be.

-Very little documentation
-Slightly confusing to configure for anything but back-end article editing (there is documentation for this one view)
-Must save article once before adding tags (yes, it's a little thing, but mighty confusing for the layperson)

Would be nice:
-Configurable positions to have tags always appear in (to save from having to click the TorTags button in every article, again it's a little thing, but makes for a lot of steps for the layperson), for instance "Display tags at: (Beginning/End) of article"

All in all a promising plugin that could benefit from a little further development, but is solid and works just like you'd expect.

**For anybody wondering, you can configure adding tags for front-end editing by setting up the component exactly as you would for com_content (back-end article editing), but changing "&view=myview" in the Url template field to "&view=form". If you don't, everything will look correct in the front-end editing view, but the tags won't save!
Owner's reply

Thanks for good and helpful review.
So, about cons:
1-2. Documentation. We're writing articles based on a problems with our component. We're always try to help everyone. Progressively, we'll fill up the base of manuals.
3. Before save. In new versions we're already added possibility to add tags before saving article.
4. Without clicked on the TorTags button. In new version you can set "auto insert" in settings of Tortags content-plugin.

Once more, Thank you Liam! You really helped us to find problem areas in our component.

byliam.hanks, December 13, 2011
Contact Information
As others have observed, it's incredible that what this module does isn't in the core functionality - given that Joomla! provides a contact manager, this module provides the next logical step: using the information stored in the manager. The entire extension is simple, easy to customize, and works exactly the way it should. I'm thrilled to see support for 1.6/1.7 now - I've been holding off on upgrading my website while I waited for THIS module to be updated - displaying contact information really ties the site together, and no other module gets it quite right.
byliam.hanks, November 24, 2011
The extension is awesome. I spent a lot of time looking for a module that does this, and couldn't find anything that was 1) free and 2) worked. This component/module does exactly what it claims, is easy to use, and has a super high level of customizability that makes it the perfect image silder solution for any website! I love it, and it's a must-have for any modern homepage.
byliam.hanks, August 19, 2011
Articles Anywhere
I don't often bother to put reviews on the JED, but Articles Anywhere is too wonderful to not deserve an excellent recommendation to EVERYONE! Joomla! 1.5's lack of multiple categorization for articles often puts users in the position of feeling that content must be duplicated in order to provide the necessary information in the most easily accessible areas of the website - Articles Anywhere gets around this limitation beautifully.

I find myself coming up with all kinds of creative ways of using it to integrate categorically disparate articles, and by doing so, greatly enhance the user experience of the website. It's become one of a handful of extensions that I install on all my Joomla! websites by default.

Even better than it's usefulness is its ease of use! Install, enable, and use. It's that simple - there's no configuration necessary; no stylesheets to play with to get it to look good on your website - nothing. It simply works.
byliam.hanks, July 15, 2011
Link with Article Images on Facebook
This is the first time I've written a review about an extension, and I'm doing so for this because it does exactly what it says it will, and it works beautifully. You download, install, set the default image, and that's it.

I had one issue with W3 validation, but was able to solve it by editing the plugin's php file so that it places the image links in HTML comments . Facebook still reads the link, and the page now W3 validates :)

I wish all plugins were as easy to use and as functional as this one!
Owner's reply

META tag with attribute PROPERTY is valid in HTML5 and this is required attribute by Facebook that it can not be changed to anything else.