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byliancung, November 11, 2011
Udja Comments
I was not able to delete comments that I selected on the previous 1.0stable version. I was thinking to uninstall it. But I came back to this page and found that the problems is fixed. So I downloaded 1.01stable and it is really fixed.

It is not that excellent comment plugin to me. But after having the problems fixed, I rate it very workable plugin. I am thankful that some programmer release this kind of freeware for web beginners.

Another thing I want to feedback on spam security. I do not know how to use ReCaptcha Spam protection in Options setting. Even though I enable 'Enable ReCaptcha', it does seem to be working. There is Public Key and Private Key I seemingly need to enter it manually. This should be more improved.
byliancung, May 24, 2011
iJoomla SideBars
At my first sight, I was impressed by the video tutorial but after I installed it, I realized that the module positioning is limited for left and right positions on article page. There is no way you can put it in the centre of article, which makes me agitated.

Secondly, the sidebars management is not compatible with all modules as expected. E.g, I tried to put image slider module inside article page, but my module cannot be displayed the article page, it has page distortion and image slider distortion. The website promises 100% money back guarantee but it is not true for me. There are lots of promising extensions out here, but not all of them just don't do the jobs.
Owner's reply

First, we ALWAYS stand behind our money back guarantee! Please drop me an email to merav at ijoomla dot com and I will look into why you haven't received it yet.

Second, it's called a SIDE bar because it's positioned on the left or on the right :-) If you want to add a center feature, you can certainly suggest it on our support forum.

Third, if you have any issues with modules not showing correctly, you can simply post a support ticket and we will help you. It could be an incompatibility with the specific module. Thousands of users have used iJoomla SideBars successfully and just saying it doesn't work is simply not true but your own individual experience and usually it's a problem that's easily fixed.

I hope you allow us to help you with this so that you can enjoy all the benefits of this powerful extension.