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I love VM! I have been using it since a few years ago. I decided to put together now my own online shop. So, I installed the new VM and then upgraded to 2.0.6 to have a few fixes they added.

I must say, it does all I need and if I need more (like a wish list, for example) I can buy a plug in to do so. I disagree with people regarding this. This guys give us a full component for free to sell online and get money out of it. So you earn money thanks to VM but you don’t want to spent a bit of money to customize it? That’s greedy and unfair.

I live in Argentina so everything is more expensive for me here in dollars. I don’t have money for this shop because its mine (not for a client), its not giving me money yet and I don’t have savings. Anyways, I am sure when I can have a bit of money I will put it in adding things by buying plug ins.

The component works great, I had a few issues trying to customize order emails and found it. Did it and posted it on the VM forum so everybody can know how to do it. Do you really expect this guys to do the whole component, the plug ins and the instructions manual all in a few days and for free? We should help each other here people!

I also had a few problems with the saving of the users info on front-end and back-end and they were SO helpful. I originally wrote on the forum, which is what I think people should do first. I lot of things are already solved in there and a lot of people can help. Then, when I got nothing, they told me how to contact them and they spent hours helping me to solve the problem. And you know what? Afters hours of guiding me one-on-one we solved the problems.
THANK YOU MILBO for all your kind help!

I have a template and overrides and I did a few things wrong and they helped me even when a part of it was my own fault. So, don’t complain people, help, understand, ask for help, get in the forum. And please, PLEASE, say thank you every once in a while for all this free things you get doing nothing. This people deserve that at least.