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bylifeCK, April 3, 2014
I'm working with breezing forms 2 years. I have to say that with breezing forms you can do and make any form you want. Amazing configuration, extremly easy interface, very friendly to non programers (like me), but also you can whrite your awn code and manipulate the component (not need it until today).

Amazing and easy documentation. Support is at high level from the forum. Often updates for so large component. If you use your imagination simultaneously then you reach unbelievable results.

I just feel lucky!
bylifeCK, February 18, 2014
What? Nothing!
Dont install this extension if you are a Jedi. When installed it i have lose 24% of my force. My eyes turning to red and i'm becoming a sith. If you are just a human dont be afraid, it will do nothing to you. May the force be with Peter!
Owner's reply

Hmmm, I was kinda aware of this and have been trying to fix it for a while. I have a Sith friend that had pretty much the opposite reaction. Nearly didn't recognize him with those baby blue eyes.
I will continue my quest to get this fixed asap. I'll let my Sith friend test it again when he is fully recovered.

bylifeCK, February 18, 2014
CDN for Joomla!
A very usefull and simple plugin. Dont forget to position it last at the plugin system.
bylifeCK, February 18, 2014
Cache Cleaner
Without this extension you have to spend 2-3 seconds every time you want to clean your cache. With this extensions you can clean the cache with a clik. No big deal someone says. I'm saying that is a big deal when you have manually clean a cache again and again and again. No time to spend thanks to cache cleaner.
bylifeCK, February 18, 2014
NoNumber Extension Manager
If you find out the power of NoNumber, this extension will be ther first install on your projects. You have to do only one thing. Install all axtensions to convert a simple joomla site to a fast giant!
bylifeCK, February 18, 2014
You can work with this tabs with closed eyes. Simple and huge extension!
bylifeCK, November 5, 2013
A must have module. If you use your imagination you can do big things
bylifeCK, August 9, 2012
Advanced Module Manager
Advanced module manager is a must have extension for any project. Excelent support, powerfull extension. The words are small. Diamonds can be free.