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bylifeshot, January 2, 2011
works right out of the box. If you forget your url setup to access admin area, just look in your database for the jsecure plugin and deactivate (publish=0). So you can access the admin area with the protection link.

Just a great tool to make joomla much safer.

bylifeshot, December 28, 2010
Akeeba Backup
Thank you very much for this unique extension. it´s absolutely easy to installl, works out of the box and is just very great.

thumbs up!!!!!!!
bylifeshot, May 5, 2010
JE Ajax event calendar
I would highly recommend this calander for people looking for a nice ajax event calander.
I´ve had some problems with the integration to my template and SEF links but I contacted the developer and within nothing they helped me and changed it according to my template! Great support and really nice calnder! keep working up the good work!
bylifeshot, March 28, 2010
If you´re looking for a hotel reservation software, go for Jomres. Great software, good ticket support and really good forum. There are already a lot of solutions for upcoming problems. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a booking software ...
bylifeshot, March 17, 2010
nBill Lite
I´ve just given up trying to install the nbill lite. I was working on that about 8 hours now thinking it might have been an ioncube loader issue. But as it doesn´t seem to be so I wanted to contact the developer the ask for help, but I just saw that they want 10 pounds for every issue. I mean, I suppose the Lite version is to see how the programm works and if I´m happy with the component I could pay for it - and I´d be happy to do so.
But charging for support the get the programm installed I think is really bad though! Sorry ... for that´s a NO GO
Owner's reply

An ionCube loader is not required for nBill Lite. I have 2 choices when it comes to earning a living off writing software: 1) charge for the software and make support free or 2) make the software free and charge for support. The standard edition of nBill uses option 1, the lite edition uses option 2 (although if a support issue turns out to be a bug, the charge is refunded). If you want to try it out before paying anything, and cannot get the lite version installed for some reason, the standard edition includes a free trial, with free pre-sales support included.