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bylightningbit, October 10, 2010
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OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
I was looking for a good and stable plugin to add the new Google AS Analytics code to some of my sites. This plugin just works, and is stable.

The only (2) thing(s) I miss with this plugin :
- the ability to split the snippet (the basic part before the closing HEAD tag and the rest just before the closing BODY tag
- the ability to use/add additional customizations to the trackercode (see

I did find another plugin which allows for that ( although it is also called a GA plugin, it basically seems to add any javascript you specify before the HEAD tag and before the BODY tag

But as said : Openpotion AS GA : does what is claims to do, easy and stable, so I'll be using it on some of my sites

Owner's reply

Yeah... we admit it... we keep it simple. Otherwise modifying the template is the best idea. Also, greatest speed gains are achieved by loading all of the code up top... splitting is only recommended by google if there are conflicts, because it is slower.

bylightningbit, April 12, 2008
but it seems to be more of a wrapper component.

it only includes blog or entries from that network, although you may be able to tie a "book" to your site, it all seems to be managed, stored, ... on their site

it looks good, if that is what you want to include

BUT : I strongly suggest to include that in the description, as it may be an unpleasant surprise for some people. As this touches the thin lines around privacy and security

e.g. sites which have disclaimers on what they do with the data of their registered users, have no control on what iBook will do with their registration information.

Owner's reply

pls scroll down to the bottom of the main page. thanks for the feedback.