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bylilktec1, October 6, 2010
Simple File Upload
Hey thanks for the hard work on this. I was looking for something simple myself and you have the best solution out there on the Joomla extensions.

This is a bit crude in display, but with a little editing and tweaking on my end I can customize it. Functionality though seems to be working fine for me. Adjusting what file types are allowed is a breeze due to the pop-up letting you know exactly what isn't allowed. Just paste the string into the end of the list, and bingo its allowed.

One suggestion, when creating user directories I suggest that by default you automatically create an index.html file to be placed in the user directory created. This way you can keep the directory from being accessed from the URL bar.

Peter (Big Screen Entertainment Group)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback, Peter! I'm glad you like it!

In the latest release of v1.2 I have included the creation of a "index.html" file when SFU creates a new directory. (Thanks for the suggestion!)