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VM Mass Update
Whether you have dozen or hundreds of products to add this component is a must have. You can edit pricing, discounts, quantities, description, name, ski and more on the fly and all on one page without the hassles of going to each on individually to make edits to. I find adding all products by images the easiest for me but you can do so by other means. To make this component even more outstanding is their customer service support. The handful of issues that I was having they resolved right away there was even an issue that didn't have to do with the component but a separate plugin that was causing issues with my cart that they resolved the issue on. I know the price is high but well worth the money for the time you will save in the long run! Great investment for any virtuemart shop! I only wish I would have had this years ago with my first vm shop!
Account Expiration Control
I've been using AEC for almost a year now. I have to say when I first came across was a gold mine! It has so many aspects that I love about it...too many to list. It's in fact so great and complex that it gets to be almost too complex for simple use...there are so many options and configurations that it can get confusing to use and set up what I would think should be simple features. You can tell right off the bat that this is a very well developed and thought out program. However, the one thing that does need work is the support...however it seems the owner is in the process of working on it. One big thing I do not like at all is that you must be a paid member to access the forums now. I have to be honest to say that when the forums were free...I wasn't impressed with them as I have with "other ones" one in particular open source component. I have to say I'm more than happy to help and add comments/posts to help others but not so much when I have to pay just to access them?!? I've donated back when this was a free component because I was impressed...however have much less interest in the idea I have to pay for forum information if I continue to use the software. I'd rather pay a flat fee rather then have to pay again and again over time...if in need of some help or an update.
I don't usually take the time to put out bad reviews on extensions but this is one that I had to take time for. I've uninstalled and reinstalled this twice and even though setting up seems to go very easily it's continues to pop up with error. It seems as soon as I figure out one problem another one comes up. If you want to spend the time working out all the kinks then I'm sure this extension would be great. I like the comment below of how this has more bugs then a rain forest...I have to agree!