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bylimpenny, June 8, 2011
Auction Factory

I have bought this software on 17-May-2011 and today is 8-Jun-2011. I have totally given up on this software and decided to throw it one side. To name a few of my frustrations:

1. Ease of installation is fine but each upgrade will require you to un-install and re-install the whole component. Due to this, I have crushed 1 server and corrupt some files on another.

2. Level of support provided is below average considering the price paid for the software. The forum is totally useless as your questions are usually ignored. The favorite answer is "Please login to your account before posting so that we can identify you". Even when I do login and post, some are left unanswered. As for the support ticket submitted, it takes few days for them to reply. And most of time, it will be thrown back to user, treating the users as fools. For example, if after an upgrade, certain features does not work, the natural reaction for AF is your settings are wrong. Come on, if user can install and use previous version, unless there is major upgrade, such basic should be understood right?

3. Since buying the software till now, there has been numerous bugs and upgrades given. However AF control of upgrades are very bad. The bug can appear in first upgrade, disappear in second upgrade but come back again in third upgrade....

4. No testing of upgrades by AF. The upgrades are thrown to me and sometimes can't even be installed. I have yet to receive an upgrade without bugs.

5. If you have alot of time and money, you may want to consider. You must also be very good in PHP to be able to make your own customizations.

The bugs are driving me crazy and certainly not a usable software in my opinion.

There should be a trial version for users to try before deciding to buy the software. Now I am stuck, there is no refund policy and un-usable software.
Owner's reply

This review was a bit of surprising since even before posting this review we tried to contact you several times - per email, messenger and phone - in order to get a better description of your problem, but we received no answer whatsoever.
Since we have no other way to contact you, we will try to answer your problems here (even thou this is not the place for support):

1. The component comes with an update option. Fresh installation is needed only when updating from very old versions, where they are significant database changes.

2. Anybody can notice that we have at this moment around 8.000 posts in the forum. I doubt that this is a bad support, especially that in the forum we are also offering allot of free tweaks and small free customizations, when the time allows.

3. This may occur, if you continued to use your old templates.

4. Each build is tested by our support team, before is launched officially.

5. I think this is very evident. In order to customize any decent extension out-there, strong PHP and MySQL knowledge is needed.

6. All reported issues are always fixed in usually max. 24 hours.

7. We have a full money back guarantee, according also to our terms&conditions.