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bylinpi, October 18, 2014
meanwhile I use at least one extension (sliders, tabs, modals etc.) from NoMumber on every single web site, because it is almost a guaranty of:
- easy to use
- working well
- easy to customize
- responsive
and last but not least
- well documented!
After a tiny css-problem with the tabs, I can now say that the support is great as well.
Peter you are a hero! :-)
bylinpi, September 30, 2014
Resize Image on the Fly and Cache
this plugin simple a efficient, perfect for the normal user.
Thse documentation is excellent as well.
You made my day! :-)
Thank you!
bylinpi, July 9, 2014
SP Upgrade
I migrated more then 10 Jommla! 1.5 to 3.x using SP Upgrade and it is just a great tools.

Usually, I'm making the migrations locally with xampp or mamp pro, and install locally the old DB as well. That is the way it work the best for me.

The templates are also prepared for Joomla! 3 (templateDetails.xml) and put in /tmp, so it is easy the control, correct and install them.

I just had lately a tiny problem with Joomla! 3.3.1 and the support was fast and good.
bylinpi, November 20, 2013
this component is a real help to develop a new extension. Because I not developing as much as I would like and the joomla! standards a changing all the time, Jacc helped me you create quite quickly a new component for a customer. Really excellent work.
bylinpi, June 8, 2011
I a professional web designer I needed a form tools that does exactly what I want. After trying a few other ones, I'm happy this BreezingForm. I had a issue that I couldn't resolve by my self (despite a good FAQ), but the support help me until it worked: great support as well. And the price is very reasonable!
bylinpi, July 6, 2009
About a year ago, I started to a write a component for joomla 1.5, from scratch, without books, just with the online doc (which is nevertheless good). It was not so easy to understand what the new joomla 15 framework needed to be able to work, it's so different from joomla 1.0. This component does a fantastic job creating all the necessary file, basic function, database....and really easy to use.
Of course, one has still to understand MVC concept but EasyCreator is a big help for starting to write an extension.