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bylionelj, August 25, 2013
The price is very low regard's to support from forum and the number of extensions implemented by hikashop team.Many updates during years are accessible from pay account or in the forum ( php code).The real 2 problems for user is relative to joomla not hikashop. 1) worflow is a mess so it ll be difficult to use anothers extensions ( not a problem since hikashop implement their own ). 2) make work hikashop is really easy but the focus point is css/raster/look and feel/template(edit css code using joomla is not efficient you need a real css editor , HKS ll give you css support even it is not their job to do that). Responsive / Media Query template is vaporware in e -commerce market , focus on fixed width template is enough work .The forum and documentation have been enhance and is like support : accessible without pay. Use the basic verion is not serious for real business go to business.Some css code are hard code in php file and many !important css keywords appear in CSS file but don't know if it is really a problem even it is not recommanded.
The licence ( upgrade) is for 1 year for 1 website ?