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byliquidpurple, June 29, 2013
Social Backlinks
Social Backlinks was simple to install and has a very nice and easy to use interface. You are able to disable any plugins that you don't need or want and then the interface is super-clean with only a couple buttons to operate. When I had trouble with one aspect, I posted a support ticked and a new version was released in a matter of hours to address my issue. This is amazing since the price was so cheap. Better support than extensions costing 10x more. I also asked if the LinkedIn plugin would support "groups" and was responded enthusiastically that a future version might. Way to listen to your customer's needs! I also tried their "Glossary" extension and was impressed as well.
byliquidpurple, June 25, 2010
At first I was a little disappointed with my purchase of acajoom pro because it seemed to have some glitches and I wasn't sure that it actually sent my newsletter to my list. Maybe it did, I'm not sure. Anyway, I was ready to upgrade to the latest version and try it again when I noticed they have moved on to a new release titled "jNews."

I was sad about having to purchase another product when I didn't get much use from the first one. However, when I contacted the support department they said the upgrade was free! That makes me very happy and I'm anxious to try the new version.

This appears to be the best newsletter component available (when paired with jbounceback) and I'm happy to do business with such a generous company. Thanks!