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bylisax, August 24, 2014
What? Nothing!
It should really be implemented in Jommla core, such a work for nothing should not be wasted. I hope you will keep it updated forever (and ever).

For 5€ I would definitely go pro (seriously)...
bylisax, August 24, 2014
Cache Cleaner
I love it, it saves time. It's should be implemented in the joomla core. Thanks a lot!
bylisax, August 24, 2014
Very easy to use, nice features. And above all: an really incredible support which for a product of this quality (and free!)is more than amazing.
bylisax, August 9, 2014
Simple RSS Feed Reader
The plugin doesn't really work to retrieve RSS feed from twitter (for instance using

BUT it is still a great plugin which works as expected with other sources. Thanks a lot for your work!
bylisax, July 11, 2014
Easy Language
Great and light plugin for multilingual website. Simple to set up, and very straightforward.
bylisax, July 7, 2014
I did try a couple of BBCode extension but none was as easy to set up then ReReplacer. It was surprising to simply separate the entry with a comma , that's the secret of the flexibility of this plugin! Rather then having a whole macro that will be replace by HTML (with all the typo that it can't handle), here you get something straightforward and easy to set up!
Many thanks!
bylisax, July 7, 2014
Thanks for this good plugin! I wish it could also handle spaces inside. I also add trouble to make it work with different values between the brackets (itle + link + text). But it does the job! Thanks!
bylisax, July 4, 2014
Articles Anywhere
Ever wonder how managing your website without copy pasting part of an article in another one? Well article anywhere do the job for you and keep you away from duplicates. This is trully life-saver as I have "reminder" here and there on many articles and it would be such a waste of time of having to edit them all one by one. With article anywhere, I only have to edit one article and that's it! Even more, there is a great support by it's developer Peter!
bylisax, July 4, 2014
Modules Anywhere
I don't knoe how I could design my website without this plugin. I had trouble making it work when the module anywhere is in an article retrieved via article anywhere, but Peter efficiently walked me through the solution. Thanks a lot Peter for this great plugin!
I liked it and today I can't believe all the work that has been done the JCE team.

What amazed me:
I really appreciate the fact that I could drag picture on the editor which automatically save it into the ftp, incredible.

What could be improved:
implement JCE with a a kind "link preview" (like facebook) would be incredible. The "link preview" code has been written in gitub by LeonardoCardoso, it would be awsome to include it in JCE!
I was looking for a free responsive menu module and this one is prefect!
It would be though to be able to customize to module directly from the backend
Thanks a lot DJ!
Thanks a lot for your work! I'm using a DisplayNews module on nearly all my pages! I recommend it!
bylisax, March 11, 2014
Slideshow CK
Nice and easy module to set up, straightforward and flexible!

Also great support from the developer who reply and updated the module to support SEF URL in no time!
bylisax, February 22, 2014
EU e-Privacy Directive
Thanks a lot!

works like a charm!

I did try also your version for the J!1.5. It does work so well that I'm not able to front-end anymore ;-) I can connect but since it doesn't keep the cookies). I did not get any message, there is no option on the plugin. It would be super to add also just a short notice for 1.5. But I do understand that this version is now obsolete.

In brief thanks a lot, no problem with 2.5!
bylisax, February 18, 2014
Easy Frontend SEO
I really appreciate the video, thanks for your time and for sharing your great work! yeepee!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

bylisax, February 15, 2014
very good! Would be super to search within content article also.

I recommend for anybody... I wonder how I did before that...