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bylistic, May 21, 2009
Newsletter Subscriber
Simple, clean and not alot of futures I dont need.
One thing im missing thou is being able to see how many subscribers i have. Gues Ill have to look in the ../mailing_list.txt wheni want to know..
Owner's reply

Thank you.
This is a free and simple module.
Each subscriber, you get a mail. As simple as it can get.
About the subscriber count, I have set filters in my mail client to automatically move the subscription notifications into a different directory.
I think that directory's mail count is enough for me.
Since Newsletter Subscriber lets you handle all the data yourself, you could have asked me, and I would give you many possible solutions to do that.
Sometimes, I even create a new version of NS specifically for customers' requests.
To be honest, I currently maintain 7 versions of NS Module all of which have different settings specially for each customer.
And each time a new version is implemented some of the features people have requested get mixed into the main version.
Although, for a real count and statistics without duplicates, along with many other features, NS Pro has the solution.
Thank you again.