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bylito2380, July 5, 2010
I have worked with K2 in the past, it was simple to use. However it lacked a lot of the extendability that I see with Zoo 2.0. The out-of-the-box functionality available from this program, and it's clean setup on any layout really gives it an edge above other CCK products.

Also, Yootheme's decision to develop applications themselves really gives members the needed benefit to want to pay for the premium content. I know that for my projects I will definitely build with ZOO.

Apart from being able to easily layout pages with point and click ease, I can also provide my clients with a super simple update method that is easier and more functional than the conventional Joomla Article Manager.

As I continue to explore the possibilities, I am sure I will learn more about functionality of the program.

Only time will tell how functional Zoo becomes, but for it's initial release, this program is second to none.