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This is a good extension but it may not work right away. It was one of the first extensions I installed on a new 1.7 website I was building and the Captcha was not displaying (which meant the entire thing didn't work since no one can submit a comment without entering the captcha code).

When I asked about this in the developer's support forum I got a response right away. They said the problem was a script conflict on my site and the solution was to download another of their free extensions (jvFixScript) and set it to automatically resolve conflicts. I did and viola the captcha displays now and the extension works.

Since I suspect many others may have the same problem running it on 1.7 the developer may want to look into this or make a note more prominently that users may fix the problem in that way but other than that the extension looks great and is a great way to keep a record of and organize a website's correspondence.
Owner's reply

Actually this is a problem generated by developers that don't understand how to code using other javascript libraries so their scripts will not conflict with mootools ( the default javascript library of Joomla ).
You should complain about them not about aiContactSafe.

I'm sorry you didn't understood that from the forum and came here and gave a bad review after we offer a professional extension and profession support for free.
Maybe you want to consider changing your ratting since it seams to be based on something that we have no control over.

bylividsnails, June 12, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
The good news is that this is a simple easy-to-install and easy-to-use component. The bad news is it has lots of bugs and some design flaws that make it not very intuitive to the end user.

The bugs are:
-file names of the photos in your gallery cannot have any capital letters or it will crash.

-depending on which style you choose some will display photos incompletely with half the photo not appearing at all if you move your mouse out of the frame. If you move your mouse into the frame the photo will appear in its entirety but then you have to look at the navigation buttons.

-sometimes the close button disappears (on the lytebox setting) and then users don't know how to get out of the show.

design flaws:
-navigation!! Every single end user complained that it's not intuitive as to how to move to the next slide. This could be solved by having the next and previous buttons appear by default for the first few seconds and then disappearing until the user mouses over them again. Or better yet, take them out of the picture window entirely and put them down in the caption area.

-it'd be nice if vertical photos could have their captions displayed NEXT to them instead of underneath them. Displaying the caption underneath vertical photos makes the viewer have to scroll down to see it.

All in all I'd say it's not a bad component but it's not worth buying the pro version.