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bylivvvving, November 20, 2013
mp hi user
Although limited in customization possibilities, this is very handy - I edited the default.php file once installed and got it to say what I wanted in the style I wanted.

Thanks to the author for this!
bylivvvving, November 13, 2013
Notice Board for Community builder
Amazing extension, and beyond fantastic support!!
Get this, and donate, you won't regret it.
bylivvvving, November 11, 2013
works perfectly in articles - you may have to strip out the automatic link maker or end up with two copies of the video - all depends on how you set up your Joomla.

I tried adding it on a Community Builder site, and it didn't work in a custom tab. Shame.
bylivvvving, October 30, 2013
Core Login Redirect
Immediately solved my problem of how to redirect to my profile page once logged in to JomSocial.
bylivvvving, September 30, 2013
Universal Currency Converter
I had a problem with the zip file I downloaded from the site after purchasing, but within an hour or so I had been emailed a zip file that worked perfectly.

This extension is perfect. I tried several other conversion modules and none worked. After entering the conversion parameters, they just span and span. This gives results immediately.
bylivvvving, August 22, 2013
an incredible set of extentions/components, and their support is the BEST. I've customized my install majorly, and they've been so incredibly helpful – free advice, css stylings etc, and also some very good value paid customization. Highly recommended.
bylivvvving, August 14, 2013
Images Crawler
Works great. I had a problem with the module requiring comma's to separate URLs as some of my URLs included comma's. I contacted Jesús and within hours, he had updated the module!

Incredible support!!
bylivvvving, July 5, 2013
Contact Enhanced Component
the extension is excellent, the support is excellent, what more can I say?
bylivvvving, May 10, 2013
Multicategory Portfolio
I am using this on a music festival site, showing photos of each band. It works PERFECTLY!
There was one problem getting the 6th slideshow to work, and the Contona Services team responded very quickly and sent me a fix.
Fantastic value, fantastic support!
bylivvvving, April 3, 2013
I'd rate this 10 out of 10, and the support from the author at 100 out of 10.
Simply the best support ever.
bylivvvving, March 26, 2013
fantastic. Works like a charm. My site was already configured to work on an iPhone, so I didn't need to use their sizing options, but it was GREAT to know that they're available. I'll be using this on all my joomla sites for sure!
bylivvvving, March 11, 2011
their products are the best, but their support is incredible! Extremely helpful and fast to fix problems, even if they're ones I caused!

I can't recommend them highly enough
bylivvvving, November 25, 2010
Art Flip
An extension that's very simple to install and use and does what it says - if only they were all like that!

Produces a nice effect without resorting to flash.
bylivvvving, May 26, 2010
Ozio Gallery
I spent a lot of time looking for a great image gallery for my client, and this is the best I found.

**If it suddenly stops working, update to the latest version and it should be fine**

It would be nice to have a notice within the component to let you know there's an update available, other than that, perfect!
bylivvvving, April 26, 2010
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
worked "right out of the box", looks good - the ability to style it a little more from the admin menu would be brilliant. A little photoshopping of the buttons and it matches my site perfectly!
bylivvvving, September 8, 2009
You will need to watch the entire tutorial video, then it makes sense. After that, it's easy and very well done. Amazing support from forum and author make this the best and (after a short but fairly steep learning curve) easiest to use forms I've found.
bylivvvving, August 26, 2009
After an initial problem with spacing as reported earlier, I contacted the author and had a new version emailed to me the next day.

Great module, and a very responsive author!
bylivvvving, March 14, 2008
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the download page is way too complex! Why no simple one piece installer like other add-ons?