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bylizardkg, November 16, 2012
User Extended Fields for K2
This plugin is a very good idea, but it just doesn't work the it should and there's one big code problem somewhere. For once, language files are not recognized. You can try anything and you'll just get the code from the language file, not the actual language translation (i.e. USER_NAME_WHATEVER). Of course, you could do like I did, which is to hard-code the language into the files, but that's undesirable. And second, after I sent an e-mail to all the authors in my web that now they could add their social info, I realized that there's no way to do that. Users cannot add the social info through their profiles. The options are missing, so if any user wants their stuff added, the administrator has to add it through the user manager in the Joomla back-end. That's the only way to do it. If your web only has one user, you, this is not a problem, but when you have 30 or 40 authors like myself the updating process become a chore. In the end, I hope Joomlaworks fixes it, even though it seems unlikely because in their page the plugin seems like is not developed anymore. Many people has left messages about the problems I mentioned before and no one has received an answer. Right now I'm looking for a substitute with the same awesome idea.
Owner's reply

As for the first issue, it's been resolved in v2.1. Just upgrade (install on top). BTW this issue was not visible to everyone, as it relates to specific server setups.

As for the 2nd thing you mention, that's a misconfiguration on your side. If you want your users to be able to control these additional fields, you need to provide a menu link for them to "edit" their account details. Just create a menu item to the default user edit account view ("Users" component). K2 extends this form and since the plugin extends K2, your users will see the additional fields.

bylizardkg, June 20, 2012
I installed this component today and had to delete later on because it caused many problems with my website. Most of those problems still exist after uninstall and I'm moving towards a brand new installation of joomla and all the components in order to fix them (not fun). One of the main issues is that some of joomla's css seem to be corrupted. Tabs don't work anymore in the administrator and everything just shows in a long long page. For those using the jfbconnect avoid this component unless you know what you're doing (obviously I didn't think it through before installation). Facebook login didn't work anymore from the get go and the problem persists after uninstallation of jbetolo. Somehow the redirection link goes to nullindex.php?option... and there are some characters included at the end when login in or out from a page different than the frontpage (index.php/%9E%E9e). I experimented with js and css ordering to make this component work but it was to no avail (i think) because of caching issues. Jbetolo caches, joomla caches, my htaccess caches, so it was really hard to have a fresh look at the website after changing settings. THAT SAID, the component seems to work well with a clean copy of joomla and didn't get any errors while navigating through articles, categories and whatnots. Since my problem was from the GET GO (I enabled the component and checked the website before making any custom changes), I would suggest that after installation and enabling EVERYTHING is off. That way users can determine if a setting is good for them or not.
Owner's reply

Sad to hear that you had such problems, although the one where jbetolo keeps being part of the page rendering even though it was uninstalled is very odd. The only way for this to happen is if you had system cache turned on and the page was cached while jbetolo was in effect. Regardless I wish you had contacted me and we could have tried to solve the issues you had instead of reading about it here as the first encounter of the issue, which I feel doesn't hold for an open source and free extension where some amount of collaboration is the least that can be expected of both users and developers. I do my best to assist users that contacts me.

In our website we tried every single social option available for Joomla before settling with JFB Connect. It was the obvious choice since it was the only one that met all our requirements: It was easy to install, provided support and caused no problems whatsoever. Except for a couple of other less complex components, JFB Connect worked from day one providing exactly what it promised and we wanted. Support is amazing and totally worth every cent we spent in this app (their price is totally fair). Not saying that you are not gonna have any issues (there so many possible Joomla settings that anything is possible) but I'm sure support will get your component going as quick as humanely possibly. If you're unsure about this, please just visit their forums and check some threads. No recriminations, no blaming you or other software and, apparently, no limits. This is, seriously, the first time I see support from any company that takes their time to help you out with conflicting programs sold or created by someone else. They really want to see their stuff working for everybody no matter the environment.
Also, be aware that some of the other extensions we tried can break your site (and by break I mean destroy it). I cannot express enough how well developed and supported JFB Connect is. It is extension heaven for those who hate rebuilding their sites after bad coding sets their Joomlas on fire.