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bylizwillner, May 20, 2013
Migrate Me
So i had to rebuild a Joomla 1.5 site that got hacked (of course) for a client. i tried using Jupgrade (my usual method) for hours with no success. Then while trolling around on the JED i saw this extension posted and thought.. ok i will give it a try since i just had come to understand that really Jupgrade wouldnt work and i would need to manually convert the data tables to get the old content imported into the new joomla 3 site i installed. AND IT JUST WORKED! in like 5 minutes i had purchased it, installed it, dumped my MySql file and imported the old data. I had the choice on import which tables to import. This extension saved me hours of time. I really thank the makers for coming up with it. (please note that it doesnt change templates over or install a new joomla instance etc., you have to do that yourself.. it does just what it says it will do. IMPORT YOUR OLD CONTENT INTO A NEW SITE) fantastic, fabulous, so happy!
bylizwillner, October 25, 2011
Just had to write and say how great this extension is. I had a problem after updating and the developer helped me sort it out in no time. As for the cart itself it is clear a lot of thought went into it. Overrides for everything make updating a breeze. The ability to have offline payment (like when you pick up an order) is awesome. Custom Fields that apply to either users or orders or products ... wow.. thanks!!!