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byljeffer, May 16, 2011
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Article Factory Manager
I wish there was a very very poor rating I could submit for the component and the support received. At first, In order to purchase "The Factory had to email me the component because something was wrong was wrong with their website. I have asked numerous times for instructions on making small modifications to the component, to which I'm directed to the forums. Forums that I can't log into on the website I can't log into.

Support keeps telling me that I can't log onto their site because of a sql problem on my side. Really? I'm on a college campus and tried to log on with over 20 machines in the labs in addition to my linux laptop and my windows laptop.
At this point I just want my money back.

I really didn't care I couldn't log into the website if we could have handled the issues through email. But it's not cool when "The factory" website is not working and you get nasty via emails and refuse to help.

The sad thing is that I estimate that if you had just answered my question the first time we could have avoided 4 months of emails and I would probably had a glowing review for you component and your company.
Owner's reply

I am sorry for the problems you had logging into our site.
As you know, we solved them as soon as we could (unfortunately not before you posted this review), and the problems were caused due to several attempts to log in with a wrong password (the system did automatically ban you for some hours)

These things can happen, and we tried to solve this issue as quick as possible.

I am glad that there were no issues with the product itself, and that we could find a common ground in the meantime.

Thank you for your review and feedback,
The Factory Team

byljeffer, April 5, 2010
I keep a folder named "Baseline" that folder contains all the components, modules and plugins that I install on a fresh Joomla install. JCE is the 2nd component I install. It's the standard.