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bylkasdorf, May 9, 2008
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Flickr Suite Content
Ok, maybe I'm really dense, but why can't extension developers take 5 minutes and write a "getting started" page?

I installed the plugin.

I set up a flickr account, uploaded pics into a couple of sets. I created a Flickr API.

Now, the "directions" on the demo page simply say to get the Flickr API key and enter it and "go for your life". WHERE DO YOU ENTER THE API KEY??

Then, once this part of the puzzle is divined, how do you refer to a set, and how do you refer to an individual image? The examples refer to numbers - is there an ID number buried somewhere in flickr that you refer to or do you use the humar readable name?

I find this over and over again with many extensions- there are essentially no directions.

So, this may be a lovely plugin, but I can't make it work, so I have to move on!
Owner's reply

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear you had so much troubles with the plug-in and I’m quite surprised to see that you didn’t contact me before writing your dense review. Joomla is all about a community of people helping each other to further develop and extend this great CMS. I take part in that by developing this plugin in my spare time (!) and appreciate the constructive help I get from people using the plugin.

If you would have written me a small e-mail saying that there are certain things about the configuration and use of the plugin are not that clear to you, I would have responded your email, answered your questions and probably would have changed the tutorial on the website of the plugin aswell. But ok, enough said about that, because that probably didn’t answer your questions. ;-)

The API key is entered in the part of Joomla where all plugins are configured (hence requires basic Joomla knowledge). (Go to the extensions menu, choose “plugin manager”, select “Universal Playground - Flickr slideshows”. In the page that appears is a field called “Flickr API key” where you can enter your key.

Now, about referring to a set or a photo. Every set or photo Flickr has an unique URL. For instance:

for a set and

for a photo. In these URLs you can find the ID numbers (in this case 72157600375172301 and 1296812671) required by the plugin.

Hope this help.