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bylkron, November 22, 2010
Akeeba Backup
I generally look through the top 3 rated extensions that will solve a given problem. In this case I looked at Akeeba and the 2nd rated extension. What I found was that Akeeba is fantastic. It is extremely robust.

In one case Akeeba didn't have a feature in the 2nd rated extension. However, when someone asked for it the lead developer gave his reasoning for not having added it in previously. However, by the next release he added it as an option so that advanced users could turn it on yet to keep things simple it was turned off by default.

Even though setting up the backup extension truly was easy and as simple as the click of one button. I automate everything possible and the real gem for me is the Akeeba Remote Control application that is now set up to automatically download my backup to a local machine at the schedule I chose.

I did need support to help with one element of the Remote Control installation. I submitted a ticket on a Friday and to my surprise and delete the issue was resolved and the automated backup was fully functioning by Saturday morning. Thank you Nicholas!

Save yourself the time of researching various backup extensions and just install this one. I'd be shocked if you aren't very satisfied with the results.
bylkron, November 16, 2010
I needed to set up some 301 redirects as we moved our site from an aspx to Joomla site. This totally changed the page layout structure. With ReDJ after looking at the documentation I was quickly able to get 1 to 1 redirects sorted out. I did end up contacting support for General Expression/macro code expression help and was given back one command that resolved about one hundred 301 redirect errors using the lpathtrim macro. I have yet to hit a redirect that ReDJ hasn't been able to resolve.
I've run support desks with millions of transactions/year and Luigi's support is top notch. I was very quickly e-mailed back a working solution to my problem.
The "Errors" page in ReDJ caught a few internal errors with on page graphics that Google Webmasters/Tools didn't pick up which was a bonus.

I'm happy our site went with ReDJ I think you will be too!!