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Virtuemart Search Autocomplete
Like davidjoly, I found vm search autocomplete easy to install and configure. Adds a great feature to the e-shop with the name and thumbnail image of the products showing up as the user type!
Using it on 2k products virtuemart 2.6.6 on Joomla 2.5.
bylliseil, July 18, 2014
Remarkety connector for Virtuemart
Have installed remarkety (65 kb's bridge) on a client's website with Virtuemart 2.6.6, and the announced features are there.
I can say they have a nice Support as they answered 4/5 of the questions I asked them (on Twitter) before installing the extension.
the new 10k customers limit to get the free version is incredible! And their Privacy policy looks rather clear to me.

Further localization (or ability to edit strings) will allow for more automation on a non-English website. atm some of the strings are in solid English. Therefore the missing star in my review.

We use this extention as IMHO remarketing is a must have to improve the link with customers. But it takes time! So, auto-marketing comes handy as you just have to write nice messages once, and then check the results.
Looking forward to evaluate the results, e.g. feedbacks and sales.
Virtuemart Links for Advanced Link
Have installed and let my client use 'Virtuemart Links' up to Virtuemart 2.0 and Joomla 2.5.16 with success so far. In both VM product's descriptions and Joomla articles (e.g. blog). I support both previous reviews.
A possible improvement would be to allow type & search a VM product in order to link faster (like it for standard articles), as well as inserting the product's thumbnail.
bylliseil, October 24, 2013
VirtueMart Dashboard
We bought Interamind Dashboard earlier this year for a medium sized e-commerce website that we upgrated from old VM1 to Virtuemart 2.0xx.

Our client appreciate the instant view it gives them on their sales / paiements / shipments. They also appreciate that Dashboard includes shipment cost as they needed it for accounting :-)

It stopped to work somewhere before the website went on production, but Nir from Interamind Support solved the issue in only a couple of days. Very nice by the way.
bylliseil, October 21, 2013
Easy Google Analytics
I'm using Easy Google Analytics on a few websites for months. Installing and configuring it takes less than a minute; results are immediately available for every single page. It adds only 8 lines in the header of pages and loads GA's script asynchronously, wich means no slowdown.
Good job!
jQuery Easy
jQuery Easy allowed me to remove any jQuery duplicate on a Joomla! 2.5.9 with Bootstrap template. And decreased the page weight by >120 KB.
The documentation on the author's website is valuable with practical examples.
Support was brilliant!

At first the plugin did not work (server configuration). Simplifyyourweb found it out and fixed their plugin in a few hours. I want to say that, while free like their plugin, their support was fully professional (much more than most so called professionnal services) :D

Here are details on the gain I had just by using jQuery Easy on this website page. Mesures are taken with GTmetrix:
Before | After activating jQuery Easy | Taking further action from the results
Total page size: >800KB | 678KB | 516KB (-38 %)
Total number of requests: 78 | 70 | 61 (-22%)

Kudos to such professional developpers.
Owner's reply

My turn to thank you for this great review and for posting your statistics about the improvements made to your site.
It has been the kind of collaborative work that definitely helps on improving the product.

BT Content Slider
I've been using BT Content Slider for over a month and it allows me to nicely displays the wanted articles on e.g. home or blog pages.

+ Module's layout is fully configurable
+ It is also 100% Responsive aka RWD
+ Great control over the titles and text headers
+ Same control over the articles' images thumbnails and they look nice (also they're kept into the module's folder therefore not indexable which is what we want here)
+ Sources are also fully configurable

Possible improvements:
- jQuery version included is 1.6.4; bt_content_slider won't work with e.g. jQuery-1.7.1 which leads to duplicate libraries :/ unless you really take care of it
- Generated images thumbnails can be way too BIG: up to 32 KB for a 180x120px PNG and 20 KB for its JPG counterpart. Means that if you have 10 of them it can add over 200 KB to your page :/
- It adds three more scripts to be loaded but only from the pages where you use it.
Owner's reply

* Jquery version: you can use versions newer than jquery 1.6.4. The module will automatically detect and prevent duplicate libraries
* Image compression: GD2 Lib does not compress images so sometime you will see the cropping image large than normal size.
* You can copy and merge them into one

Thank you!

SEO Friendly Links and Images
Kudos for this small plugin which sets proper dimensions and alt attributes on all images of a Joomla! 2.5 website!
Am building websites for over 10 years and so far love:
• Is fully automatic
• But it lets you choose whether to override existing attributes or not (latest being the default :)
• Works real good on the mobile view of a RDW (Responsive Web Design) using Twitter Bootstrap.
- I'm less convinced by the "Add title to the links from enclosed text" since a) Search engines already use the enclosed string to qualify the links and b) if the wrong text was linked, e.g. 'click here' ;) then I doubt having that into the title attribute will help. But of course I might have missed something.
Thank you Kubik-Rubik for a valuable piece of code under GPL that helps us to produce a better semantic friendly Web content.
Owner's reply

You are welcome. Have success with SEOFLI!

Migur Title
I had to repeat some of the (hard worked) categories semantic terms in each article titles untill I came upon Migur Title plugin.
Now I can keep the articles' titles short for visitors and in Joomla! 2.5 backend, while having them use the valuable semantic terms in their path for Search engines. Awesome!
bylliseil, March 30, 2013
I Build Joomla! web sites since 2008, and have tried half a dozen extensions that handle this job: Auto-create thumbnails, straight from the images authors add to their articles. Also helping us to get a nice layout on blog pages.

jdvthumbs does that well, and offers different settings (e.g. sizes) for Featured articles, Blog Pages, Articles and more.
It can also add a watermark on all your images in seconds.
And basic functions are very easy to configure.

Cons (possible improvements):
Support: well, i found a form on the author's website and after translating it from Russian I sent them a message about the PHP Warning described below. Am waiting for a reaction.
It rename the rezized images from their PATH. i.e. an image that shows up on 5 (blog) pages will have 5 differents thumbnails, adding as many files and therefore, requests on the server.
Watermark does not handle PNG alpha imgs
Beware of some Rezise settings, I've found out some have awful results, like "source": it can multiply the image's size by a factor of 40x!
e.g., a png image, original is: 438x438 px, 6.29 KB
In jdvthumbs settings
- thumbnail is 199x199 px and 248 KB (!) with Method: PNG's alpha-channel: Yes; Thumbnail's Type: source; Area for cropping images: Middle.
- Or 199x199 px, 3.65 KB with thumbnail's Type jpg.
Note that resizes the same image at 2.6 KB while keeping it PNG.

If on a PHP 5.3+ server with jdvthumbs you ever get a warning (Warning: Parameter 3 to plgContentJdvthumbs onPrepareContent). Just edit jdvthumbs.php's syntax to be PHP 5.3 compliant and the Warning is gone. (this has countless references on the Web)
bylliseil, October 12, 2011
Joes Word Cloud
Installed Joes Word Cloud Module today on a Joomla! 1.5 website, and so far me and the client like:
- Configurability (just as described in the description)
- Very easy to get running, in accordance with our Semantic and Design parameters
- Fast: no impact mesured on the website's perfs (YSlow mesured).
Please keep it up!