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Thinkery Work Force
This extension "rocks the house"!!!!!!

Easy to use. Very intuitive!

The support offered is AMAZING, ACCURATE, FRIENDLY & TIMELY!

Very well thought out and well done!

Leonard Michael
bylmw1, October 24, 2012
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Advanced Module Manager
I am amazed with the ease of use of this mans extensions and the HIGH LEVEL of customer support he has given me!

His extensions always form the BASE of every single site I develop.

I wish I could give a 10-Star rating instead of just 5-Stars!

Excellent work sir!!!!!

Leonard Michael
Website Developer/Designer
bylmw1, October 21, 2012
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Redirect after Login
This is an amazing extension! Easy to use! And the support given by this author was stellar! I am extremely pleased!!!!!
This company sets the standard in how "all" companies should handle their business.

I am extremely pleased with this component, how it operates, and the customer service is AWESOME!

This will be a standard install for all Joomloa sites I build!

Thank you!
bylmw1, February 12, 2012
Image of the Day
I searched and searched for a module that would display a certain image on certain days of the week.

I found this one and installed it.

At first it didn't do what I wanted it to do, so I wrote the developer and within 20 minutes he answered, but not only that, he actually programmed it to do exactly what I needed it to do.

Wow! I was extremely impressed!

Support this good is said to be to good to be true.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Very pleased! 10 thumbs up for this extension!!!!!

Leonard Michael
bylmw1, December 5, 2010
Simply the BEST appointment system I've ever used! Very affordable. Easy to understand & use. And the customer support is absolutely fantastic! I'm impressed. 5 thumbs up!!!