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byln888, December 31, 2013
ExtraWatch PRO
I have to disagree with previous reviews about the lack of support. I have been a Extrawatch user for years back when they were Joomlawatch, and because I loved their free version so much, I felt that their PRO version was completely worth it, let alone how CHEAP they are offering it.
I had to contact their support the other day, FIRST to have my active domain changed to a new domain, and they changed it NO PROBLEM, where they could have easily said that each domain needs a new purchase.
SECOND, for some weird reason, I was having a weird clash with a component that my site is dependent on and Extrawatch which would 'break' my site. After first talking with Matej via chat and his finding that my issue was quite unique, he then spent hours working on my site. He couldn't fix it that evening, and so again started on it again in the morning. I am thinking that he spent over 6 hours working HARD on the issue... didn't stop or give up until it WORKED, keeping me posted via chat or ticket every step of the way.
NO ONE gets support like that for under $15 USD... NO ONE!
I am BEYOND impressed, and thrilled to support such a FANTASTIC extension, and I can rest at night that if I ever happen to come across issues in the future that it will be happily and swiftly dealt with by their very dedicated and knowledgeable developers.
Would I recommend this extension?... you bet!
Well done, boys.... well done!
byln888, December 17, 2011
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The concept is fantastic, and I had downloaded and installed the com and plgs with ease. The generation of the xml was fantastic too, but unfortunately it does NOT recognize the SEF settings of Joomla, thus creating the url "...component/zoo/category/...." instead of the url overwrite that the SEF does. This in turn still allows to go to the page (checked the link) but without any modules assigned to the page, including the main menu. I cannot have that. There is a forum on their site, and three other inquiries on the same fact, with no results...

I have disabled this feature, and will continue to use my external source for now...
byln888, December 3, 2011
I wanted STRICTLY a background music app for a website, and this one DID THE TRICK so easily. Tiny download, simple to install, VERY EASY module parameters... and BAM! worked like a charm!
Keep up the good work!
- LN