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bylnorman, October 3, 2014
Antispam by CleanTalk
I've used Joomla for years with a variety of captchas and honeypots. Always there was spam of some level that got through. Most of the time, I had to restrict comments significantly. Then I found this extension. Have seen only a couple get past it, and each time I can easily flag them and improve the service. Just wonderful. THANKS!
bylnorman, September 9, 2014
I've used this extension for over a year and been very pleased with it. It set up simply, is not too difficult to update, and it just WORKS. It has the option to rotate the quotes daily, weekly, monthly, etc. -- exactly what our group needed so that we are all seeing the same quote at the same time for discussion purposes. Works based on a txt file which is fast to update in a text editor.
bylnorman, August 22, 2013
JM News Pro
Look at the demo page. See how pretty? I've used a number of extensions that had great looking demos but they didn't look that good in real life. This one does. It is easy to configure, doesn't take a long time to figure out at all. Versatile. Works with featured articles, categories, etc. Works the way YOU are already working. You can pick the images either from inside the articles or from intro or full article image. Works with text, image or a combination. Lots of hover effects built in with some very nice layouts. You can resize the images so that you only have 1/slide section -- like a traditional slider -- or you can shrink them to have multiples. You can set how the image resizes -- EASILY. No fancy tinkering behind the scenes, everything available in the admin area. I really like this module and intend to use it on more sites. Also -- I asked the developer a question and he responded faster than I have EVER seen a developer respond before. I'm in shock. Really nice work.
bylnorman, March 17, 2012
I've been so desperate for JComments to be available for 2.5 -- and now it is! I notice it isn't shown in the JED that way yet -- but go to the developer's site. Get it. Install it. Say goodbye to the nightmare lack of comments on newer versions of Joomla. I can now update a number of older sites that I'd delayed updating! YES!
In short: this installs like a dream. The default layout works on most sites. You can easily put an over-ride or even customize your own theme for it. It works with KCaptcha, so a simple, clean captcha system that doesn't scare off commenters.
Gravatars work on older versions and I see they are coming for newer versions. Voting? Sure. Specialized permissions? Absolutely. RSS? Works great. Want to customize your smilies? Tree or flat display? It is all here. I've used this on some big production sites and had nothing but joy.
THANK YOU to the developer for updating this component!
bylnorman, May 7, 2009
Easy install, worked right away. Haven't tried sending the emails yet, but it looks so straightforward I have no fears. I was able to install it, check it out, write up basic instructions and turn it over to a new admin -- brand new to Joomla -- within about 10 minutes of finding it. Now THAT is COOL. Thanks for this!
bylnorman, December 7, 2008
Thank you for this. How many times have I wished I could just add a or in the right place in a menu to create something special. At last, I can edit the HTML *and* the CSS for my menus without being limited to the existing structures.

THIS is really useful.
bylnorman, October 27, 2008
PixSearch Ajax Search
When I realized the com_search was not using Ajax, I was crushed. The non-ajax return was breaking my lovely site design. With visions of an imminent programming nightmare dancing through my head, I decided to run through the JED -- and there it is! The answer. Installed in 5 minutes, configured right out of the box, and my design is working as I'd hoped. THANK YOU!!!
bylnorman, October 10, 2007
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Phoca Gallery
Use the latest version of Joomla and this component installs quickly and configures in just a couple of steps. I had our membership gallery up and running in minutes. Had a minor problem -- my error -- and Jan was right there to make sure everything was working properly. Great support, easy to configure. The slide show is slick.