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bylogicalnot, December 9, 2009
Go Mylo Countdown
Very installation and it does the job. Plenty of features that suit our needs.
Note: it takes one or two seconds to module to display the countdown.
Owner's reply

Yes, because of an IE7 bug, the script has to wait until the rest of the page loads before it displays. :o(

bylogicalnot, September 23, 2009
All Weblinks
[all_weblinks show_header=[0]}2{/all_weblinks] doesn't show the description.
I guess it's still the wrong file:

I wish there were some controls over the width of the columms - I changed it in the CSS file.

Otherwise, it works… and for the price, who am I to complain?
Owner's reply

The syntax
{all_weblinks display_description=[1]}2{/all_weblinks}

should show the description below the link for category 2

{all_weblinks show_header=[0]}2{/all_weblinks}
Should NOT show the category header for category 2

I'm busy with a Manual