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Excellent component with flexible possibilities!
1. Work with base of the Countries/States/Cities for not ENGLISH-SPEAKING users is extremely unsuccessfully realised.
2. Very high cost and rare releases. Releases leave more rare, than expires 6-mounth membership. For example, at me membership has expired on July, 26th. Version 1.3 left on July, 25th. But with the notice on the new version I have received the letter on July, 27th. Very unpleasantly also it is insulting.
It seems that the company has specially postponed letter sending. Petty! Has decided not to renew a membership!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review and for using JoomBah!

1. As I searched through our forum, I have asked if you have added the Countries/States/Cities to the language file. Had you added them to the language file, it would have appeared in non-English text. For your reference, it was posted on 28 Mar 2011 (thread #2142)

2. We are so happy about our development team who has released over 18 versions (including betas) in just 9 months and this cannot be rare. The release notes are at,installation;change_log/

Actually we do not intend/decide to postpone the release our extension based on the expiration date of our members and in fact it is tiresome to track them as we have thousands for subscriptions. It's our practice to send Newsletters on Monday as we did for this release as well. We also had issues sending bulk Emails on Saturday due to our webhost's limitation.

I'm sorry, we do not have any intention to insult our members. We will be happy to see you back.

Thanks for understanding and your review., November 23, 2010
Art Table
The fine module, especially for sites of scientific subjects and an education sphere! The module is interesting by a combination of three types of sources of the data: CSV - files, HTML - tables, databases Joomla (through SQL-query) and external databases.

The module supports display of the data of the table in a charts (Line, Area, Bar, Column, Pie). Forms of representation of tables completely satisfy any requirements.
Thus this module concerns a "all-in-one" category.

The support service deserves special attention. For example, the specific question on display of Cyrillic symbols in the table has been solved within only several hours!

The remarkable tool for fast and easy display tables!, November 11, 2010
The best functionality!

During long time I chose a FAQ-component for a site of branch of university. Simple modules and components do not satisfy me - our site has a considerable quantity of functions. Explanatories are necessary for students))). Therefore I have chosen JEFAQ Prо. It is a unique component which allows to create FAQ with difficult system of categories and simultaneously supports weight of additional functions: SEO, registration themes, languages and so on. At the same time a component it is extreme it is easy in adjustment and use.

Excellent work!