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bylohar, January 14, 2012
Virtuemart Sales
Sorry to say so, but the support is somehow desolate.
I've bought the extension, installed it and it showed articles which was o.k. But there have been bugs in it, as it does not show the percentage of the sales amoutn corectly. After contacting the autor, I was told that this must be the server, which cannot be the case. I than was told, that he does not have the time to solve the problem... hey, I mean it is a commercial extension and I am a willing subject for tests and a very experienced Joomla user running a succesfull a VirtueMart shop.

I don't think one should present a commercial extension, which isn't testet properly.
Owner's reply

This guy never purchased the VM Sales - Joomla! Component. Maybe he wanted to review another extension? What happened?

Virtuemart accordion menu
It is the highlight of my day. I've installed 18 modules this day, some working, some not, some with nice style but none of it realy satisfiying - even payed for it.
But this free version works out of the box and it even looks nice too.
Of course one could always do with some more parameters and those are the few bucks for the pro version worth it.
Content Templater
This component saves a lot of time if you have pages where you always want to keep the same structure to your text. You just crate a page within the component including titels code etc. and leave text areas empty. Than save the page. You can also create as many different templates or some small texts which you use again and again.

Once you crate a new page after that you can choose your template or text snipped in your text editor and the work is done. Very, very useful. I installed in on two pages using Joomla 1.5.8 and 1.5.9.

I came across this tiny component when I went through the Recently Updates on this page. I installed Version 1.1 - it did not work.
As I am used to installing extensions in Joomla and its adventures (;-) I klicked first on the creators homepage and he had already changed the bug the same day!
I first got another small problem which I mentioned in his forum, the answer came promt and very friendly. It turned out that the problem was with me. Well done and well kept forum. Thanks!

Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.
Thanks also for the feedback you gave through the forum. It all helps a lot to make my extensions better.
Content Templater is still in beta, pretty new all, so probably some bugs here and there. If you come across any, please let me know.

bylohar, November 20, 2008
Phoca Gallery
I just installed phocagellery 2.1 beta - the newest version - and I think this is an amazing component and an amazing well done job. Concratulations!

I did not have to read any instructions, its just very well buildt and can be configured intuitively although the author provides a good help site.

I would also like to mention the very well done and superb clean layout. I personally think this to be a masterpiece.