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bylondonman, May 18, 2014
JCH Optimize
RokBooster wont work in my server, but this tool works instantly. Google PageSpeed Insights rating gets from 65 --> 96. Consider to donate or buy paid version only for five dollars :). Thanks alot!
bylondonman, May 19, 2010
This plugin makes working with pictures so easy! Good alternative to Fboxbot - another great image resizing plugin.
bylondonman, March 24, 2010
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Needs only 1 min to set up, very helpful. There was more complex module too - JoomlaGATor! with more features.
bylondonman, March 18, 2010
Another component/plugin has ability display captions also: Both components needs javascript-enabled browser.
bylondonman, March 18, 2010
nBill Lite
However, the component does'nt work in each server, because needs Ioncube (paid version) and MySQLi driver (both versions).
Owner's reply

This listing is for nBill Lite which does NOT need ionCube. MySQLi is required to run it in Joomla 1.5 without legacy mode, but it is not required if legacy mode is on.

bylondonman, February 23, 2010
Edocs - Embed Documents
Some my clients prefers upload PDF or DOC files, but they don't think about end users, who won't see immediatlely those files (old computer or internet cafe for example). This plugins creates fast preview and both my clients and visitors are happy :).
bylondonman, July 22, 2009
Include Component
Very good idea, but won't work so good with subdirectories. Hack: in file plugins/content/plugin_component.php must add before index.php name of catalog (approx in line 69). But then, when trying submit Jml standard contact form, site gets error 'Invalid Token', maybe this depends from server conf.
Owner's reply

Can you send me an email with the problem, maybe I can help you to solve it and make the plugin evolve

bylondonman, May 1, 2007
Shape 5 Map it with Google!
Please note, that outside US and other large countryes this solution does'nt working rapidly.