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bylonghornfan, May 10, 2010
warning: joomla noobie!

just installed joomla 1.5 for testing - wanted to import my wordpress blog using your tool. unfortunately, i can't get it to install at all! I've tried uploading the zip via the "install new component" method. i get "ERROR: Could not find a Joomla! XML setup file in the package." I attempted to install after uploading to "/home/XXXXXXX/www/joomla/media/install_4be841f020ccf/com_jconverter/" and I get the same error message.

thus far, it hasn't been terribly useful. Any help would be appreciated...
Owner's reply

We never came across such issue. We tried installing and it worked fine. Send us a mail using our site's contact form and we'll provide you a copy of extension.